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In the latest turn of Ron Artest-related events, the Laker star was interviewed by a man of equal uniqueness and personality.

That man? Ron Artest.

Apparently ESPN let Artest browse around the ESPN the Magazine’s chief editor’s office, as he will be a guest editor in chief for the magazine’s next issue.

Among the topics discussed were basketball, “Titanic,” and of course Artest’s music career, with a very interesting artist choice for a future collaboration.

Watch Ron Artest interview Ron Artest below.

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Ron Artest’s latest single “Champions” has for the most part been a success, and now the newly crowned NBA champion has enlisted the help of the auto-tune king himself, T-Pain.

The “Champions” remix featuring T-Pain has been released, with an album from Artest is expected to be due out sometime this year. Listen to the song below.

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After the Lakers won the NBA Finals, Ron Artest made sure he gave credit where credit was due during a post-game interview, and it turns out his therapist is the one to thank for his performance.

Artest made an appearance on George Lopez Tonight on Tuesday, but he did more than talk basketball and championships. He performed his new single “Champions” live, and also did a skit with actress Helen Mirren.

The sketch features Mirren as Artest’s psychiatrist, in which she tries to help Ron relax and prepare for game seven of the finals. Watch the video below.

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After all the commotion and controversy surrounding him through the years, Ron Artest has finally won an NBA title, and has released a new song to commemorate the achievement.

In 2006 Artest put out his debut album “My World”, but it lacked interest and a big name producer. Now that all eyes are on the Lakers, Artest has released the single “Champion”, which was recorded last offseason and produced by Dr. Dre.

Going into the song you will probably be biased just as I was since it comes from a professional athlete, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Listen below.

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Lakers’ center Pau Gasol took a break from the playoffs to go on Jimmy Kimmel Live. He talks about coach Phil Jackson, going to medical school, and winning another championship.

Luckily he didn’t pull a Ron Artest. The interview is split up into two parts.