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Shaq Goes on Jimmy Kimmel Live

There aren’t many scenarios in sports off the field that are more entertaining than an unscripted Shaquille O’Neal in action, so I would imagine the producers at Jimmy Kimmel Live jump at every opportunity to have him on the show.

Shaq went on to promote his TV series Shaq Vs, which is in its second season. The show centers around the big man challenging the best of the best at whatever their respective specialty is.

I think it’s safe to say that the spelling bee episode at the very least will be entertaining. Watch the interview below, divided into two parts.


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Dwyane Wade Goes On Jimmy Kimmel Live

One-third of the Miami Heat’s terrific trio managed to get away from all the hoopla in Miami, if only for one day. 

Of course he didn’t quite avoid the spotlight in Los Angeles either, as he appeared on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ to talk Miami Heat basketball.

The interview is divided into two segments.

As usual Kimmel provides the humorously blunt sarcasm, and D-Wade’s not too bad either.

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Lakers’ center Pau Gasol took a break from the playoffs to go on Jimmy Kimmel Live. He talks about coach Phil Jackson, going to medical school, and winning another championship.

Luckily he didn’t pull a Ron Artest. The interview is split up into two parts.