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We know the Canadian masses love hockey, and so do the Candian musicians, apparently.

Canadian hip-hop artist K-os released a music video for his song “Zambony,” featuring him rapping from a hockey arena while cutting to different shots of hockey players putting on their gear.

Hayden Christensen, aka mature Anakin Skywalker, stars in the video as well in what looks like a role as the bodyguard of K-os.

Say what you will about the song, but the video itself is pretty cool. Hat tip to Terez Owens for the video.

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On Saturday country singer and former American Idol star Carrie Underwood tied the knot with a professional athlete, albeit one not named Tony Romo.

Ottawa Senators hockey star Mike Fisher, the team’s leading goal-scorer, was the lucky man. The wedding was held in Atlanta, Georgia, and reportedly cost $500,000.

Fisher is coming off a career-best season, scoring a career-high 25 goals en route to a career-high 53 points. It seems Underwood may have inspired Fisher, although it’s a shame she couldn’t have the same effect on Romo.

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Hockey star Alexander Ovechkin of the Washington Capitals, arguably the best player in the NHL, has stated that he “doesn’t have the face” for television, but apparently he has a voice for radio.

The song was recorded for his girlfriend, and is said to be a rap. Haven’t heard of any potential collaborations with the likes of T.I. or Lil Wayne, but if Ron Artest can get T-Pain, Ovie can get someone notable.

Not sure when it will be released or when it will go viral, but if the Russian sensation is half as talented on the mic as he is on the ice, it should be a hit.

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Howard Baldwin, the former owner of the NHL’s Hartford Whalers, wants to bring an NHL team back to Connecticut after the Whalers moved to North Carolina and are now known as the Carolina Hurricanes.

His main obstacle will be to show an increase in fan interest as to convince NHL officials that Hartford offers a viable market, and it appears he may have inadvertently hit the jackpot.

Megan Fox, the popular actress and source of  male-oogling, was spotted wearing a shirt supporting the extinct franchise. Granted Fox wouldn’t be my first guess as a celebrity supporter of the team and hasn’t actually declared her fandom publicly, but stranger things have happened.

You can bet this photo will be at the beginning of the powerpoint Baldwin shows NHL officials.

It seems Drake has a thing for being around champions, as Chicago Blackhawks captain and Stanley Cup champ Jonathan Toews helped Miley Cyrus introduce the rapper at the MuchMusic Video Awards in Canada.

The only problem was that Miley’s cue cards were apparently unorganized, which resulted in an awkward improvisation between Toews and Cyrus.

Luckily no one is counting on Toews to spark up some excitement off the ice, so really it was mainly Cyrus who got screwed over by the cue cards. Or maybe she screwed herself over by complaining about them every five seconds, take your pick.


Teen pop sensation Justin Bieber dropped by the Today Show to put on a 30 minute concert for his committed fans (it’s difficult for a 12 year-old to get up before 8, you know) after doing an interview with host Matt Lauer.

Also on the scene was former Hartford Whalers star Brendan Shanahan and Mike Bolt, the keeper of the Stanley Cup. Yes, that Stanley Cup, the most beloved trophy in all of sports.

One thing led to another and the native Canadian and self-proclaimed Toronto Maple Leafs fan was able to pose for a few pictures with the Stanley Cup.

WithLeather has an interesting theory relating to the absence of championships won by a Canadian team in any major professional sport since Bieber was born, and that would be the fact that Bieber was born.

Let’s just be thankful that Bieber didn’t let his adoring fans get a hold of the Stanley Cup.

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Ever since Lindsay Lohan wanted to sue E*Trade for $100 million after their Super Bowl commercial that featured the “milkaholic” baby Lindsay, one could make a case for her to be considered clinically insane.  

In her latest outburst, Lohan got into a “fight” at a club in New York, with none other than New York Rangers hockey players Sean Avery and Aaron Voros.  

Sean Avery

Aaron Voros

The story goes that the two, along with Voros’ girlfriend, model Jessica Stam, took the table that Lohan wanted by the DJ. Naturally, she decided to take the offensive and throw a drink in Stam’s face, and then followed up by trying to get the threesome kicked out.  

Her endeavor was unsuccessful however, as the club owners refused her request. Since the Rangers had to miss the playoffs, this was no doubt the second best thing.

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With baseball just getting underway and the NBA playoffs in full swing, it’s hard to get publicity for the NHL playoffs. So ESPN decided to promote the NHL playoffs by using analyst Barry Melrose in a knock-off of a popular beer commercial.

The Dos Equis “World’s Most Interesting Man” commercials are, well, interesting, and while commercial parodies are all in good fun, some are just not meant to be.

What butchers this parody is not necessarily Melrose, but the apathetic narrator who appears as if he could care less if people turn to SportsCenter for their NHL playoff coverage.

Watch Barry Melrose as “The World’s Most Interesting Analyst” below.