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President Barack Obama continues to make history, even if it has nothing to do with his political campaign, by becoming the first president to attend a WNBA game.

Mr. President attended a game between the hometown Washington Mystics and the Tulsa Shock. All of the WNBA haters out there will be happy to know that the first shot of the game was airballed.

Sasha Obama accompanied her father, sporting an Alana Beard Mystics jersey. We know the president has some basketball skills of his own, maybe his daughter is the future of the WNBA.

Obama has still yet to attend a game of the NHL’s Washington Capitals, the city’s most successful franchise, to the dismay of the D.C. residents. I would be surprised if he doesn’t make an appearance during the upcoming season.

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USA soccer suffered a fatal blow in a loss to Ghana to end their 2010 World Cup dreams, but looking back on the tournament USA soccer will now be looked upon in a different light, one with respect and dignity. So if you’re one for looking on the brighter side of things, there’s that.

Former President Bill Clinton was present just as he was for the USA’s epic win over Algeria, and was accompanied by none other than rock star Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones.

The camera showed Clinton and Jagger multiple times, but apparently Lakers star and NBA Finals MVP Kobe Bryant was more conspicuous.

Other notable people who were there that I know of are CBS broadcaster Katie Couric and Phoenix Suns guard Jason Richardson, although I’m sure there was an overload on non camera-shy celebrities.


On Wednesday Team USA advanced in the World Cup after a critical rally, capped by a Landon Donovan goal during the first minute of stoppage time.

Former president Bill Clinton was in South Africa for the game and predictably met with the team after the game, although he interacted with them more aggressively than you might imagine.

There’s nothing like crackin’ open a Budweiser with a former President of the United States of America, but judging from that picture Mr. Clinton has already downed a few. The shirtless man is US defender Carlos Bocanegra.

President Obama called Team USA to congratulate them on their victory and wish them good luck in the upcoming match against Ghana. Thankfully, no beers were chugged on his end during the encounter.


As BP’s oil spill disaster has consumed America, President Obama has had to devote most of his time and attention toward it. Joe Biden on the other hand is in a different situation, or should I say country.

While President Obama deals with the disastrous event in the gulf, Vice President Biden will be in South Africa attending the World Cup, “representing the United States” as he puts it.

Obama wasn’t too thrilled about Biden’s departure. “I am honored to be (here) representing the United States. The president is angry,” as he puts it.

Apparently Biden is part-Irish, saying “In the spirit of a genuine Irishman, we are going to beat England.” Surprisingly no one asked him why Ireland is absent from the World Cup this year, and what he thinks about Thierry Henry.

I’m sure he’ll get plenty of face time during the USA-England match on Saturday, which begins at 2:30 p.m. on ESPN.

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The waiting period until LeBron James can sign with a new team will last until at least July 1, although that hasn’t stopped authoritative figures in high places from courting him.

And I’m not talking the usual suspects, such as Spike Lee or Jay-Z. Two of the most notable political figures in America have already made a pitch to arguably the best basketball player in the world, although not for the same city.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and none other than Mr. President himself, Chicago native Barack Obama, have let LeBron James know that he is welcome in their respective cities. Discreetly, of course.

On his weekly radio show, Mayor Bloomberg said that LeBron would “love living in New York,” while an aide for President Obama said that the President “didn’t want to tamper, but as a Chicago fan he thinks LeBron would look great in a Bulls uniform.”

As of now those two cities are in the best position to lure LeBron from Cleveland. Hopefully the inevitable summer-long saga that will be LeBron’s courtship will provide some entertainement.

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Excitement has been building for the New Jersey Nets and the NBA in general over Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov’s acquisition of the struggling franchise.

He plans to move the team to Brooklyn, and has appeared on the CBS show “60 Minutes” in an attempt to help fill the void of uncertainty the American public may have about the NBA’s first potential foreign owner.

Now New Jersey congressman Bill Pascrell Jr. says he will demand a government inquiry into the business dealings Prokhorov has had with Zimbabwe dictator Robert Mugabe, which could threaten his potential ownership of the Nets.

Or maybe this whole story is just a cover up, and Prokhorov wants to back out because he actually saw the Nets play.

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The nation got a taste of Barack Obama’s college basketball knowledge last month when the President filled out a bracket with ESPN’s Andy Katz, but on Saturday America got to see what its leader was made of on the court.

Former All-American Clark Kellogg visited the White House, where he played a game of H-O-R-S-E with the president himself, only the game was renamed”POTUS”, for “President of the United States”.

Obama started off cold, but then swished a few jumpers and eventually downed Kellogg in what may have been the most surprising upset of the tourney.

Watch the video below, which starts at the 1:08 mark.