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Last night LeBron James held a one-on-one interview with Jim Gray on ESPN to announce “The Decision,” as the program was aptly titled.

The announcement was held at The Boys and Girls Club in Greenwich, Connecticut, but LeBron still wasn’t the only celebrity present.

Surprisingly enough Kanye didn’t interrupt LeBron during his announcement, although the interview that was conducted could hardly be more dramatic than it already was.


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Milton Bradley of the Seattle Mariners is not off to a hot start, going just 1 for 21 from the plate for an average of .048 in the first six games of the season, and it’s apparently getting to his head.

Known as one of the more outspoken players in baseball, Bradley has stated that he is to baseball as Kanye West is to pop culture. In other words, a gigantic douchebag.

One of his former teams, the Texas Rangers, hosted the Mariners on Saturday and Bradley seemingly decided to show the Rangers fans how many hits he has this season.

Despite Bradley’s nonchalant reaction, he of course was caught in the act by a watchful cameraman.

If Bradley is going to be the Kanye of baseball, he has to have paparazzi too, right?

Thanks to Larry Brown Sports for the picture.