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St. Louis Cardinals slugger Albert Pujols was in New York for a series against the Mets recently and decided to drop by ‘The Late Show with David Letterman’ to talk baseball, and managed to work some batting practice in as well.

He faced-off against Letterman, who surprisingly has some pop in his bat, and not to mention an athletic-looking swing.

Actor and comedian Denis Leary was a guest on the show as well, and was kind enough to play the role of pitcher for both of the contestants.

Watch the face-off first, followed by the interview.

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The victor of the longest match in the history of tennis made an appearance on ‘The Late Show with David Letterman’. John Isner defeated Nicolas Mahut in an eleven-hour match that covered a span of three days.

Monday night Isner did the “Top Ten” list on Letterman, listing the top ten things that went through his mind during the match, but with a comedic touch.

Overall it was a pretty entertaining list, should’ve seen the last one coming. Watch the video below.

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LeBron James can officially sign with a new NBA team if he chooses come July 1, and one of the few teams with a chance at getting him are the New Jersey Nets. Rapper Jay-Z is part-owner of the Nets, and also happens to be good friends with LeBron.

The hip-hop mogul made an appearance on ‘The Late Show with David Letterman’ where he talked LeBron and the team’s new Russian billionaire owner, Mikhail Prokhorov, aka “the tall guy”.

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The latest cover boy for the Madden franchise, Drew Brees, was on the Late Show with David Letterman to promote the newest EA Sports game, Madden NFL 11.

The show has a “Top Ten” segment, and Brees presented the “top ten new features on Madden.” The list is humorous of course, and certainly doesn’t hold back.

You gotta love the Peyton and TO lines.

This was one of several talk show appearances for Brees since the Saints won the Super Bowl, as the Super Bowl 44 MVP has been on Ellen and Oprah as well.

Matt Damon was on “The Late Show with David Letterman”, and just so happens to be an avid Patriots fan, contrary to the belief that may arise after taking a glance at his apparel on the show.

A bet was made between fellow actor Anthony Mackie, who is an apparently persuasive Saints fan, regarding the outcome of the Super Bowl. I won’t spoil the rest for you, so watch the video below.