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I recently mentioned that Alex Rodriguez will be making his acting debut in the movie “Friends with Benefits,” and filming has started with a bang.

It appears that baseball won’t be the only sport included in the film, as co-stars Justin Timberlake and Woody Harrelson recently shot some scenes for the movie while on the basketball court.

It appears that not every celebrity has converted their basketball fandom to the Miami Heat, although the Lakers bandwagon is just as loaded as ever.

Harrelson did “Semi-Pro” with Will Ferrell a couple of years back, a satirical movie about the ABA’s demise. Hopefully his skills have improved since then.

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In the latest turn of Ron Artest-related events, the Laker star was interviewed by a man of equal uniqueness and personality.

That man? Ron Artest.

Apparently ESPN let Artest browse around the ESPN the Magazine’s chief editor’s office, as he will be a guest editor in chief for the magazine’s next issue.

Among the topics discussed were basketball, “Titanic,” and of course Artest’s music career, with a very interesting artist choice for a future collaboration.

Watch Ron Artest interview Ron Artest below.

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We’ve seen what players like Kobe Bryant and Ron Artest have been up to since the Los Angeles Lakers won the 2010 NBA Championship, and the role players certainly aren’t falling off the map either.

Reserve forward Josh Powell’s ex-girlfriend has been charged with transporting over two pounds of cocaine, and on a lighter note, high-flyer Shannon Brown has been filming a music video for his girlfriend, singer Monica.

I’d say it’s been a solid couple of months for the Lakers’ budding star. I don’t know how well his vocal cords hold up, but Shannon Brown definitely looks like he could pass for the next Chris Brown. Minus the violence, I would hope. We’ll leave that to Sasha Vujacic.

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Ron Artest’s latest single “Champions” has for the most part been a success, and now the newly crowned NBA champion has enlisted the help of the auto-tune king himself, T-Pain.

The “Champions” remix featuring T-Pain has been released, with an album from Artest is expected to be due out sometime this year. Listen to the song below.

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UFC president Dana White has an eye for talent when it comes to fighting, but apparently that good fortune doesn’t translate to the NBA.

White  made a wager with Snoop Dogg on the NBA Finals, picking the Celtics to win the series against the rapper’s Lakers, with the winner taking home $20K out of the opponents pocket.

In all fairness to the nature of the bet, the winner was to donate the money to charity. The ‘Snoop Youth Football League’ was the lucky destination of Snoop’s winnings.

Actor/musician Donnie Wahlberg also made a $20K bet with Snoop against the Lakers, so all in all the hip hop hustler walked away with $40K for his charity.

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USA soccer suffered a fatal blow in a loss to Ghana to end their 2010 World Cup dreams, but looking back on the tournament USA soccer will now be looked upon in a different light, one with respect and dignity. So if you’re one for looking on the brighter side of things, there’s that.

Former President Bill Clinton was present just as he was for the USA’s epic win over Algeria, and was accompanied by none other than rock star Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones.

The camera showed Clinton and Jagger multiple times, but apparently Lakers star and NBA Finals MVP Kobe Bryant was more conspicuous.

Other notable people who were there that I know of are CBS broadcaster Katie Couric and Phoenix Suns guard Jason Richardson, although I’m sure there was an overload on non camera-shy celebrities.

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After the Lakers won the NBA Finals, Ron Artest made sure he gave credit where credit was due during a post-game interview, and it turns out his therapist is the one to thank for his performance.

Artest made an appearance on George Lopez Tonight on Tuesday, but he did more than talk basketball and championships. He performed his new single “Champions” live, and also did a skit with actress Helen Mirren.

The sketch features Mirren as Artest’s psychiatrist, in which she tries to help Ron relax and prepare for game seven of the finals. Watch the video below.

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After all the commotion and controversy surrounding him through the years, Ron Artest has finally won an NBA title, and has released a new song to commemorate the achievement.

In 2006 Artest put out his debut album “My World”, but it lacked interest and a big name producer. Now that all eyes are on the Lakers, Artest has released the single “Champion”, which was recorded last offseason and produced by Dr. Dre.

Going into the song you will probably be biased just as I was since it comes from a professional athlete, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Listen below.

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You’ve already seen Drake bring out this year’s NBA MVP LeBron James onstage at a concert in Cleveland, and now the rapper has given five-time NBA champion Kobe Bryant the same honor in Anaheim.

After the Lakers championship this season Kobe is one short of Michael Jordan’s six, although I’m not sure if MJ ever got to go onstage at a rap concert or go on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Kobe addresses the crowd right before Drake performs the song “Over”. Just think if the Celtics won the championship that could have been Brian Scalabrine onstage.

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Comedy Central provides many things, and one of them is the show “Tosh.0”, hosted by Daniel Tosh. The show normally makes fun of videos that have hit the internet, although recently Tosh went after the Boston Celtics’ Paul Pierce.

He calls Pierce a “baby”, and manages to knock on Phil Jackson and Kobe Bryant too. After bringing to light Pierce’s well-known dramatization act, he points out that maybe once he acts hurt “Coach Phil will let you sit on his high chair while Kobe and his underbite rapes your team for 30 a night.”

Tosh isn’t much of a NBA analyst, but that doesn’t keep him from giving the gift of laughter.

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