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Season 2 of the TV Show Shaq Vs, featuring the big man himself, will premiere on ABC August 3, and will contain some different elements than the first season.

In season 1 The Big Diesel faced off against different athletes at their respective sports. Ben Roethlisberger, Misty-May Treanor and Kerri Walsh, Albert Pujols, Oscar de la Hoya, and Michael Phelps were his opponents.

Now Shaq will not only face athletes, but icons of the entertainment industry as well. Pop star Justin Bieber has been confirmed as an opponent, which probably means we will get to see Shaq’s musical side and dancing skills.

No word on whether or not Shaq Daddy plans on growing his hair out for the competition. I guess it’s either that or a wig.


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As the Lakers cruise through the Western Conference Finals, Kobe Bryant appeared on the latest episode of the ABC sitcom Modern Family.

The cameo is rather short, but Kobe didn’t exactly take a lot of time out of his schedule to shoot it. The part was filmed after the Lakers 122-99 victory over the Indiana Pacers on March 5.

I love how they chose to film the part after a game against one of the NBA’s lesser teams. I guess you can’t take a chance on the Lake Show losing and subsequently a rather upset Mamba.

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For the third consecutive year, ESPN correspondent and Dancing With The Stars contestant Erin Andrews will be reporting live from Washington D.C. for the 2010 Scripps Nationals Spelling Bee.

The Bachelor host Chris Harrison will also cover the event, playing host yet again for ABC. SportsCenter anchor Sage Steele will host the semifinal rounds on ESPN.

There are 273 spellers in this year’s bee, most ranging in the age of 12-14. The main coverage will air on June 4 from 8 to 10pm ET on ABC, with the semifinal rounds being broadcast on the same day from 10am to 1pm ET on ESPN.

The cast for season 10 of “Dancing with the Stars” on ABC has been announced to contain two athletes, Olympic gold medalist figure skater Evan Lysacek and Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco.

While you may not associate athletes with something “unmanly” such as dancing, don’t be surprised if one of the above comes away with a victory. Five out of the nine seasons an athlete has won the competition, and four of those five have been either an Olympian or NFL player.

Emmitt Smith won it in season 3, Apolo Anton Ohno in season 4, Kristi Yamaguchi in season 6, and Shawn Johnson in season 8. The other sports person to win it was Indycar driver Helio Castroneves in season 5.

Emmitt Smith added to his legendary career and trophy case by becoming the first athlete to win the seemingly coveted dancing championship. Notice three Olympians won it as well, all from different sports.

Evan Lysacek seems like the smart pick this season. Is there a more graceful sport than figure skating? I think not. Did I mention he won a gold medal? Yamaguchi, who is also a figure skater, showed it’s a reasonable transition from the ice to the dance floor.

Ochocinco can’t be forgotten either, he may seem unorderly and may not put across a go-getter mindset, but when Ocho decides he’s going to do something, you can be sure he’s going to do it.

Roughly 40% of voters on TVGuide.com have chosen Lysacek as the favorite. The Olympics ended on a bitter note for Team USA when they lost the gold medal hockey game to Canada in overtime. You can bet most Americans want a feel good story this time concerning Olympians.

But I’m going with the upset. Or what most people would consider an upset. My pick to win season 10 of “Dancing with the Stars” is Chad Ochocinco.


If you follow Ocho’s career/personal life you know he’s a very outgoing and ambitious guy. My gamble is that he goes all out for this competition. His partner is Cheryl Burke, who was also Emmitt Smith’s partner when he won it in season 3.

ESPN sideline reporter Erin Andrews will also be a participant. The complete roster:

Buzz Aldrin (astronaut)

Pamela Anderson (actress)

Erin Andrews (reporter)

Shannon Doherty (actress)

Kate Gosselin (desperate)

Evan Lysacek (Olympic figure skater)

Niecy Nash (comedian)

Chad Ochocinco (NFL wide receiver)

Jake Pavelka (The Bachelor)

Nicole Scherzinger (singer)

Aiden Turner (actor)

More information: http://www.tvguide.com/Dancing-Stars/Dancing-Stars-2010-1015561.aspx