This is a list of some of the notable athletes on Twitter (listed alphabetically by first name).

Check out for a detailed list and breakdown of athletes on twitter.

Apolo Anton Ohno: Speedskating
Chad Ochocinco: NFL – Cincinnati Bengals
Dwight Howard: NBA – Orlando Magic
Kevin Durant: NBA – Oklahoma City Thunder
Lamar Odom: NBA – Los Angeles Lakers
Lance Armstrong: Cycling
Larry Fitzgerald: NFL – Arizona Cardinals
Lindsey Vonn: Skiing
Nick Swisher: MLB – New York Yankees
Paul Pierce: NBA – Boston Celtics
Reggie Bush: NFL – New Orleans Saints
Ryan Sheckler: Skateboarding
Serena Williams: Tennis
Shaquille O’Neal: NBA – Cleveland Cavaliers
Shaun White: Snowboarding/Skateboarding
Stewart Cink: PGA Golfer
Tony Hawk: Skateboarding