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Fresh of his creation of the new Miami Heat anthem, rapper Flo Rida made his way to the west coast to throw out the first pitch at a Seattle Mariners game.

Flo Rida’s song “Jump” is played at home games when Ichiro Suzuki is at the plate. Last year he presented the all-star outfielder with a special copy of “Jump,” with Ichiro’s name worked into it.

Right now his focus may be on baseball, but come November I’m sure you can find Flo Rida at American Airlines Arena in Miami watching the new super team.


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Eric Byrnes was released by the Seattle Mariners this season after going 15 games without a home run or RBI, and batting under .100.

His MLB career is likely over, but he will attempt to resurrect his softball skills for a team sponsored by Dutch Goose, a burger and beer pub in Menlo Park, California.

In 2007, Byrnes was given a three-year, $30 million contract by the Arizona Diamondbacks. He will be paid $11 million this year as a result of the final year of the contract.

So in essence, Eric Byrnes is getting paid $11 million to play beer league softball. Outfield depth shouldn’t be a problem, seeing how there are four outfielders in softball.

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Milton Bradley of the Seattle Mariners is not off to a hot start, going just 1 for 21 from the plate for an average of .048 in the first six games of the season, and it’s apparently getting to his head.

Known as one of the more outspoken players in baseball, Bradley has stated that he is to baseball as Kanye West is to pop culture. In other words, a gigantic douchebag.

One of his former teams, the Texas Rangers, hosted the Mariners on Saturday and Bradley seemingly decided to show the Rangers fans how many hits he has this season.

Despite Bradley’s nonchalant reaction, he of course was caught in the act by a watchful cameraman.

If Bradley is going to be the Kanye of baseball, he has to have paparazzi too, right?

Thanks to Larry Brown Sports for the picture.