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The victor of the longest match in the history of tennis made an appearance on ‘The Late Show with David Letterman’. John Isner defeated Nicolas Mahut in an eleven-hour match that covered a span of three days.

Monday night Isner did the “Top Ten” list on Letterman, listing the top ten things that went through his mind during the match, but with a comedic touch.

Overall it was a pretty entertaining list, should’ve seen the last one coming. Watch the video below.

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Ever since the NCAA Tournament this year, CBS play-by-play commentator Gus Johnson has become all but a legend. He reached number one on Twitter’s trending topics list, and now adds another impressive accolade to his resume.

He will be replacing Madden 09 and 10 play-by-play man Tom Hammond. Said Ronnie Morales, an audio designer with EA Sports, “Coming out of Madden 10 one of the biggest criticisms was the audio presentation. We felt the game lacked the energy it deserved. Football is a dramatic sport.”

Former Madden men Al Michaels and Pat Summerall had the iconic voices necessary to make the game feel like real life. Johnson will no doubt have the same impact, and eventually the same audio fame.

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The time-lapse between the NFL draft and training camp is supposedly the most uneventful time of year for football fans, but luckily some players still stay active in other ways for our entertainment.

Green Bay Packers wide receiver Greg Jennings made his acting debut in the latest episode of the CBS show “Criminal Minds.” His part lasts about 30 seconds, in which he plays a lab technician.

Check out Jennings’ page on IMDB.com.

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The latest cover boy for the Madden franchise, Drew Brees, was on the Late Show with David Letterman to promote the newest EA Sports game, Madden NFL 11.

The show has a “Top Ten” segment, and Brees presented the “top ten new features on Madden.” The list is humorous of course, and certainly doesn’t hold back.

You gotta love the Peyton and TO lines.

This was one of several talk show appearances for Brees since the Saints won the Super Bowl, as the Super Bowl 44 MVP has been on Ellen and Oprah as well.

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The nation got a taste of Barack Obama’s college basketball knowledge last month when the President filled out a bracket with ESPN’s Andy Katz, but on Saturday America got to see what its leader was made of on the court.

Former All-American Clark Kellogg visited the White House, where he played a game of H-O-R-S-E with the president himself, only the game was renamed”POTUS”, for “President of the United States”.

Obama started off cold, but then swished a few jumpers and eventually downed Kellogg in what may have been the most surprising upset of the tourney.

Watch the video below, which starts at the 1:08 mark.