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The post-World Cup U.S. soccer team will face Brazil in an international friendly on August 10, and have one newcomer to the roster.

The new face, Jermaine Jones, is German-born but has an American father which allows him to play for the U.S. national team.

The most interesting part about Jones is not his dual-citizenship, but his official website, which has to be the most creative website I’ve ever seen.

Is this guy a soccer player or an undercover superhero?

First thought that comes to mind when I see the background on the home page? The fourth level on the movie Inception, aka “limbo.” Any other movie-goers agree? The similarity is almost uncanny, could even make a comparison to The Matrix trilogy as well.

Granted a portion of the website is in German, but I almost didn’t notice as a result of the insane imagery.

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International icon David Beckham’s soccer career may be winding down, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to fall off the map.

One of Beckham’s best buds is actor Tom Cruise, who reportedly wants him to give the movie industry a try. According to Cruise, Beckham “has the looks” to make it in Hollywood.

The Mission Impossible star also stated “I’ve been encouraging him to become an actor. He’s got the looks, he’s got everything. He’d be terrific.”

Beckham may have the looks and personality to take on Hollywood, but can he actually “act,” that is the question.

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Brazilian superstar Ronaldinho is arguably the best soccer player of the past decade. He didn’t take part in the World Cup, but that hasn’t stopped him from getting action off the pitch.

Rapper 50 Cent recently performed in Rio de Janeiro, where he brought out the special guest to the chant of “Ole Ole Ole.” The soccer stud seemed to take the limelight in full stride.

Ronaldinho is back with AC Milan to start preseason training, although he could be on the way out to a new destination soon, possibly the Los Angeles Galaxy of the MLS.

With the recent acquisition of Thierry Henry by the New York Red Bulls, the MLS is looking stronger and more appealing in the post-2010 World Cup era. I can only imagine the havoc Landon Donovan and Ronaldinho would wreak in the same midfield against the below-average competition of the MLS.

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Adidas has released the “miCoach,” which apparently gives you coaching tips as you work out.

Super Bowl champ Reggie Bush of the Saints and World Cup finalist David Villa of Spain make an appearance in the commercial, as well as Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose.

Looks like Reggie isn’t too broken up over losing Kim Kardashian to Miles Austin.

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English soccer star David Beckham has long been known for much more than being just a soccer player, and is regarded as the sport’s most famous player, although he has been on the decline ever since signing a 5 year, $250 million deal with the Los Angeles Galaxy of the MLS.

Yahoo signed Beckham to a deal as their “Global Sports Ambassador,” a position in which he provided World Cup commentary and analysis to help Yahoo connect with their users.

Now, as part of the deal, Beckham will be using Yahoo Answers on July 14 to do a live chat with users who will be able to ask questions in advance. Fans from 20 different countries will ask questions live via video.

Should be an interesting interaction. Hopefully Beckham won’t pull his hamstring and have to pull out, although I can’t say I would be surprised.

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Spain is one of the most talented teams in the 2010 World Cup, and their fans are no disappointment either. We’ve seen some crazy guarantees throughout the World Cup, but one Spanish fan has taken it to the next level.

Argentina coach Diego Maradona promised to run through the streets naked if his team won the World Cup, as did lingerie model Larissa Riquelme regarding Paraguay’s fate, but both of their teams’ tourney runs have come to an abrupt halt.

Now singer Enrique Iglesias has made a similar wager, albeit one more extreme. The Spaniard has said that if Spain wins the World Cup, he will go water-skiing naked, which could definitely help promote his new album that hits stores Tuesday.

Don’t let this seemingly shallow bet fool you however, as Iglesias is nonetheless a big soccer fan and apparently talented player as well.

He once said that the youth soccer team he played on in the U.S. as a kid was so bad that they made him look like, coincidentally, Diego Maradona, which I assume means he had at least some talent.

USA soccer suffered a fatal blow in a loss to Ghana to end their 2010 World Cup dreams, but looking back on the tournament USA soccer will now be looked upon in a different light, one with respect and dignity. So if you’re one for looking on the brighter side of things, there’s that.

Former President Bill Clinton was present just as he was for the USA’s epic win over Algeria, and was accompanied by none other than rock star Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones.

The camera showed Clinton and Jagger multiple times, but apparently Lakers star and NBA Finals MVP Kobe Bryant was more conspicuous.

Other notable people who were there that I know of are CBS broadcaster Katie Couric and Phoenix Suns guard Jason Richardson, although I’m sure there was an overload on non camera-shy celebrities.


On Wednesday Team USA advanced in the World Cup after a critical rally, capped by a Landon Donovan goal during the first minute of stoppage time.

Former president Bill Clinton was in South Africa for the game and predictably met with the team after the game, although he interacted with them more aggressively than you might imagine.

There’s nothing like crackin’ open a Budweiser with a former President of the United States of America, but judging from that picture Mr. Clinton has already downed a few. The shirtless man is US defender Carlos Bocanegra.

President Obama called Team USA to congratulate them on their victory and wish them good luck in the upcoming match against Ghana. Thankfully, no beers were chugged on his end during the encounter.


Diego Maradona has promised to run through the streets naked if Argentina wins the World Cup, and now star player and arguably the best footballer in the world Lionel Messi has made a vow of his own.

While not as extreme, Messi is determined to somehow find a way to reunite the band Oasis for Argentina’s victory party, should they win the World Cup. The band split up last year after Noel and Liam Gallagher decided to part ways.

Ironically, it was only about two weeks ago when Messi first heard Oasis. Teammate Carlos Tevez shared the band’s first two albums with Messi on the plane ride to the World Cup, and he became infatuated.

He now listens to them before matches and in the locker room, and has said that all Oasis has to do is “name their price.” Just the act of meeting Messi would be price enough for me.


B.J. Upton has World Cup Fever

The Tampa Bay Rays may have the best record in major league baseball, but that doesn’t keep outfielder B.J. Upton from focusing on other sports.

People all over the planet are obsessing with the World Cup, arguably the biggest sporting event in the world, including Upton. Judging from the video below, which is an advertisement for Adidas,  it’s safe to say he’s caught World Cup fever.

Don’t let Upton’s skill with his hands and arms fool you, he’s also very capable with his feet when it comes to soccer. The speed demon combines both baseball and soccer for the best of both worlds during batting practice. Whoever thought of softball-sized soccer balls is a genius.

B.J.’s brother, Justin, plays for the Arizona Diamondbacks. I certainly wouldn’t mind a little sibling rivalry action on the soccer field in the near future.