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Eating champion Joey Chestnut ate 54 hot dogs on the fourth of July to clinch yet another mustard belt, having won four contests in a row.

When a boxer is finished with a match, he has to wait a few months before he can compete again to let his body heal. One would think professional eaters such as Chestnut would take the same approach.

Shaq has challenged Chestnut to a hot dog eating contest that will air on his show Shaq Vs., and footage of the match has been leaked.

You’d think the number one eater in the world would take it easy during a friendly competition, but if you put the clips of the one below and the one on July 4 side by side, I don’t think I could tell the difference.



Major League Eating may be the most questionable “sport” out there, but that doesn’t mean its “athletes” don’t get star treatment.

Joey Chestnut, the number one eater in the world, will go on a Pepto-Bismol-sponsored tour this month. He will face five challengers at each venue, who will win $100 and a year’s supply of Pepto-Bismol if they beat the reigning champ.

As stated by Nathan Fox, brand manager of the company, “Americans love to celebrate summer by getting together and enjoying food with friends, but sometimes the enjoyment of summer leads to eating just one too many.”

Fox is convinced that Chestnut can help Pepto-Bismol become the default brand of choice for those unfortunate enough to “eat just one too many.”

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President Barack Obama continues to make history, even if it has nothing to do with his political campaign, by becoming the first president to attend a WNBA game.

Mr. President attended a game between the hometown Washington Mystics and the Tulsa Shock. All of the WNBA haters out there will be happy to know that the first shot of the game was airballed.

Sasha Obama accompanied her father, sporting an Alana Beard Mystics jersey. We know the president has some basketball skills of his own, maybe his daughter is the future of the WNBA.

Obama has still yet to attend a game of the NHL’s Washington Capitals, the city’s most successful franchise, to the dismay of the D.C. residents. I would be surprised if he doesn’t make an appearance during the upcoming season.

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The annual ESPY awards will be televised live on Wednesday, hosted by Saturday Night Live’s Seth Meyers. Many celebrities and athletes will be in attendance, including actors Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg.

The duo is promoting their new movie, “The Other Guys,” and stopped by the ESPN studios to discuss the ESPY’s, and also chimed in on the show “Sports Nation,” which is hosted by Michelle Beadle and Colin Cowherd.

The first video features Ferrell and Wahlberg talking supposed ESPY awards, while the second video involves a debate between the two over “Sports Nation.”

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While most of the rappers lately have seemed to focus all their attention on LeBron and the NBA free agency saga, Ludacris was hanging out with the fastest man in the world, Usain Bolt.

The hip-hop mogul has been promoting his own brand of Cognac called “Conjure,” which he is showcasing in the picture with Bolt. Luda posted the picture  on his twitter account.

I bet even after a bottle of that stuff Bolt could still run the 100 meter dash in less than 10 seconds, although maybe not in the right direction.

Fresh off his departure from the USC basketball team, actor/rapper Lil’ Romeo wasted no time in getting himself back on the hoops headlines.

At a charity celebrity basketball game hosted by Tennessee Titans’ quarterback Vince Young, Lil’ Romeo was posterized by Denver Nuggets guard J.R. Smith.

Watch the video below. Other athletes and celebrities that took part in the game include rapper Master P, Titans running back Chris Johnson, Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson, WNBA star Sheryl Swoopes, and NBA legend Hakeem Olajuwon.

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For the third consecutive year, ESPN correspondent and Dancing With The Stars contestant Erin Andrews will be reporting live from Washington D.C. for the 2010 Scripps Nationals Spelling Bee.

The Bachelor host Chris Harrison will also cover the event, playing host yet again for ABC. SportsCenter anchor Sage Steele will host the semifinal rounds on ESPN.

There are 273 spellers in this year’s bee, most ranging in the age of 12-14. The main coverage will air on June 4 from 8 to 10pm ET on ABC, with the semifinal rounds being broadcast on the same day from 10am to 1pm ET on ESPN.

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It’s every technology-obsessed person’s dream to ride a segway, which is a two-wheeled machine that has a top speed of 12.5 miles per hour. Surprisingly enough, there is actually a “sport” that uses segways, which cost around $5,000.

Segway Polo has grown popular over the years, featuring teams like the Silicon Valley Aftershocks, who are home to famous people such as Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak and “Friday the 13th” screenwriter Victor Miller.

Steve Wozniak

In Segway polo there are four eight-minute quarters. The championship is named the “Woz Challenge Cup,” after Wozniak.

You may have inferred from the fact that players ride on segways that one does not have to be very athletic to play Segway polo. Miller is 69 years old, Wozniak is 59, and the captain of arguably the best Segway polo team, Peter Gilkes, is 61, if you’re looking for an average age range.

Sources: The Wall Street Journal

Reporter, Meet Sled

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In possibly the best takeout I’ve ever seen, a reporter got owned by a sled racer and as a result pulled off an Olympic-worthy flip.
The reporter, for some strange reason, decided to stand in the middle of the track with his “trusty stopwatch,” and as you may have anticipated the venture did not go smoothly.
At least he got hit at a fantastic angle, and managed to pull off a semi-front flip. Gotta love his perseverance, as he was able to close out the coverage of the race in a somewhat honorable fashion.

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The UFL, or United Football League, is preparing for its sophomore season and will welcome a new team this year from Omaha, Nebraska.

The mascot for the team has yet to be determined, and will be selected via online voting at the league’s official website.

The Omaha(s) have selected former Boston College head coach and Tampa Bay Buccaneers offensive coordinator Jeff Jagodzinksi, who was fired from BC after interviewing for the New York Jets head coaching position in January 2009.

The UFL is expected to announce further expansion plans in the near future, although it is unclear whether that will be before the season starts in the fall.