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LeBron James can officially sign with a new NBA team if he chooses come July 1, and one of the few teams with a chance at getting him are the New Jersey Nets. Rapper Jay-Z is part-owner of the Nets, and also happens to be good friends with LeBron.

The hip-hop mogul made an appearance on ‘The Late Show with David Letterman’ where he talked LeBron and the team’s new Russian billionaire owner, Mikhail Prokhorov, aka “the tall guy”.

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The New York Knicks are on the brink of desperation, if they’re not there already, and now apparently want the most prestigious professional sports franchise in the world to help out New York City.

Knicks president Donnie Walsh wants all New Yorkers to pitch in on the ‘LeBron Project’ , but Derek Jeter has four helpful words of advice: “It wouldn’t make sense.”

There has also been much speculation that Jay-Z, hip-hop star and close friend of James, would try and pressure him into signing with the New Jersey Nets, of which he is part-owner. According to the rap mogul however, “That’s his decision.”

James is known as a Yankees fan and is also friends with pitcher CC Sabathia. He has also been seen sporting Dr. Dre’s new headphones, ironically enough donning a Red Sox logo.

I don’t know exactly when this picture was taken, but I’m liking the Mickael Pietrus fro. Hopefully this becomes a NBA trend.

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Nets co-owner Jay-Z won’t be the only musician recruiting LeBron James this offseason. LeBron is known to be an avid hip-hop fan, but that didn’t stop a band member from an entirely different genre from reaching out to the superstar.

My Chemical Romance, a metal/punk-rock band, guitarist and apparently big Knicks fan Frank Iero took to Twitter to make LeBron a special offer: Free MCR tickets for life if King James makes his way to New York next season.

I’m not sure if MCR is willing to go as far as to make a video similar to the “We are LeBron” parody performed by loyal Cavaliers fans, so they better hope that he’s enticed by the thought of being part of the MCRmy.

LeBron and Jay-Z are certainly friendly toward each other, as seen in the video below. I can’t think of a better person to persuade James to the worst team in the NBA besides the rap superstar.

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Or namely, the elimination of the Cavaliers. Since Kobe has signed an extension, it’s no secret that the renowned filmmaker wants the superstar on the Knicks, his favorite team.

Lee stated the following in an interview with ESPN’s Ian O’Connor: “I feel we have a better chance to get LeBron James if Cleveland loses this series to the Celtics. The quicker Cleveland loses, the better our chances are of getting LeBron.”

Rap mogul Jay-Z has also been trying to lure LeBron. Perhaps all the city needs is a Eli Manning/Derek Jeter combo to push him over the top.

I’m sure if The King decides to make New York his new destination, Spike would toss in a documentary of some sort. Heck, I bet just a film of James signing a max contract with the Knicks would rake in millions in New York.

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Red Sox player David Ortiz has opened a new nightclub in his native Dominican Republic, and a notable figure in the entertainment industry has a problem with it.

Rapper Jay-Z, who is heralded as a big Yankees fan, and his business partner Juan Perez are suing Ortiz over the name of his club, “Forty/Forty.” The name of Jay-Z’s clubs (he has multiple) is “40/40.” I guess Big Papi thought he was being clever when he just spelled out the digits, but apparently not.

The name “40/40” was chosen by the rapper because “the 40/40 club in baseball is as exclusive as it gets.” If we’re going by common logic it would make sense for Ortiz’s club to be called “40/2,” but I guess that’s just not as catchy.

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First it was rap star P-Diddy looking to buy the soccer club Crystal Palace, and now it appears Jay Z may be following suit.

The husband of Beyonce, good friend of Lebron James, and international rap mogul who’s estimated worth is $500 million has been a supporter of the Arsenal Gunners ever since Thierry Henry’s stint with the club.

Jay Z also owns a share of the NBA’s New Jersey Nets, who will have a new majority owner next season, Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov, so the idea of owning a sports franchise is not a new concept to him.

Maybe purchasing soccer teams is the new trend in the hip-hop industry, so who knows maybe Lil Wayne will take Manchester United off the Glazer family’s hands. After he gets out of prison of course.