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With baseball just getting underway and the NBA playoffs in full swing, it’s hard to get publicity for the NHL playoffs. So ESPN decided to promote the NHL playoffs by using analyst Barry Melrose in a knock-off of a popular beer commercial.

The Dos Equis “World’s Most Interesting Man” commercials are, well, interesting, and while commercial parodies are all in good fun, some are just not meant to be.

What butchers this parody is not necessarily Melrose, but the apathetic narrator who appears as if he could care less if people turn to SportsCenter for their NHL playoff coverage.

Watch Barry Melrose as “The World’s Most Interesting Analyst” below.


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In Michelle Wie’s first commercial as a McDonald’s spokesperson, she shows just how powerful her golf swing is.

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Nowadays it’s hard to come up with an original commercial, especially for shoes. But Nike went for a different approach with their latest viral ad, and they nailed it.

The use of actor David Koechner won me over from the very beginning, although any member from the cast of “Anchorman” or “The Office” would have done the trick. If the name doesn’t ring a bell you should recognize him instantly, as he always seems to be lurking in all the funny movies.

Troy Polamalu, Brandon Roy, Carl Lewis, and Maria Sharapova are some of the athletes used in the video. Polamalu’s been on a roll with the commercials lately, from Coke Zero to Head & Shoulders and now Nike. I guess he took some advice from Shaq that you can get mentioned on internet blogs if you appear in viral videos while injured.

Gotta love John McEnroe at the end.