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Winning a gold and bronze medal in Vancouver this year are hardly the main accomplishments for Lindsey Vonn this year.

She has been featured on the cover of the official 2010 Winter Olympics video game, been given her own Wheaties box, and now has landed a role on the popular TV show “Law & Order”.

Vonn will play an office assistant named Alicia who has an important clue in the case, per Wall Street Journal.

She was well-received in her latest public appearance, where she delivered the game ball to a soccer game in Red Bull Arena. Watch the video below, and listen closely  around the 45 second mark. Captain Obvious says out loud what everyone is already thinking.


After achieving Olympic gold and greatness, skiier Lindsey Vonn and snowboarders Shaun White and Seth Wescott will each have their own individual Wheaties box.

There’s nothing Americans embrace more than the Olympics, so put the face of a prized Olympian on a cereal box and expect your sales to double.

Basically every major athletes of the past 50 years has been featured on a Wheaties box, but it’s only every two years that General Mills Inc. can incorporate an Olympian onto their boxes.

Vonn released a photo of herself and her new Wheaties box via her Facebook page on Thursday, and gave her thoughts on being selected for the coveted role.

“I’m thrilled to represent both America and the sport I love on my Wheaties box. Growing up in Minnesota, it’s an honor to share a local connection with the Breakfast of Champions. I cherish this achievement and hope to serve as a positive role model for future Alpine skiers who someday may earn rights to Wheaties box fame.”

Shaun White said that “It’s great being on a Wheaties box, I remember being a kid and looking up to the guys whose faces were on these boxes and thinking how cool it was. I’m just stoked that Wheaties wanted me on the box and I can represent my sport in such a great way.”

Seth Wescott showed how important a spot on the Wheaties box was, saying “To earn two consecutive gold medals means so much, and the culmination of now having a Wheaties box is the icing on the cake.” 

Huffington Post has pictures of all three new Olympic style boxes.