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Shaq’s Dance-Off Vs Justin Bieber

Shaq Vs has officially premiered, which means we’re that much closer to seeing a Shaq-Bieber dance-off.

Raw video footage has emerged of Shaq prepping for his contest with the pop star. He joined Bieber’s dance crew to try and learn some dance routines, prior to the actual dance-off, I assume.

I guess if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. He even gets his jumpshot involved when he starts to freestyle. Watch below.

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Paul Pierce Gets Married

The Boston Celtics may not have won the 2010 NBA Championship, but star and recently resigned Paul Pierce has achieved a different lifetime goal this summer.

The lucky lady, Julie Landrum, is also the mother of his two year old daughter Prianna Lee. The two reportedly began dating in 2006 during the All-Star break.

Teammates Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, and Kendrick Perkins were in attendance, as well as Celtics head coach Doc Rivers.

The wedding was coordinated by Mindy Weiss, a well-known celebrity wedding planner who also handled the wedding of Pierce’s fellow NBA star,  Carmelo Anthony.

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UFC president Dana White has an eye for talent when it comes to fighting, but apparently that good fortune doesn’t translate to the NBA.

White  made a wager with Snoop Dogg on the NBA Finals, picking the Celtics to win the series against the rapper’s Lakers, with the winner taking home $20K out of the opponents pocket.

In all fairness to the nature of the bet, the winner was to donate the money to charity. The ‘Snoop Youth Football League’ was the lucky destination of Snoop’s winnings.

Actor/musician Donnie Wahlberg also made a $20K bet with Snoop against the Lakers, so all in all the hip hop hustler walked away with $40K for his charity.

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Comedy Central provides many things, and one of them is the show “Tosh.0”, hosted by Daniel Tosh. The show normally makes fun of videos that have hit the internet, although recently Tosh went after the Boston Celtics’ Paul Pierce.

He calls Pierce a “baby”, and manages to knock on Phil Jackson and Kobe Bryant too. After bringing to light Pierce’s well-known dramatization act, he points out that maybe once he acts hurt “Coach Phil will let you sit on his high chair while Kobe and his underbite rapes your team for 30 a night.”

Tosh isn’t much of a NBA analyst, but that doesn’t keep him from giving the gift of laughter.

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Rapper Fabolous is known to be a big Laker’ fan, although you can say that relating to just about any rapper. Oh, and would you look at that. He also appears to be reppin’ the Yankees.

He broke down the main pieces for each team with ESPN’s Page 2, see the transcript below. Go to Page 2 for the full article.

Los Angeles Lakers 

Derek Fisher: “Veteran. Can hit the big shot. Glad they brought him back.” 

Kobe Bryant: “He’s just Kobe. He’s one of the best I’ve seen with my two eyes.” 

Ron Artest: “He’s a specialist and he gets in the minds of people he defends.” 

Pau Gasol: “Great scoring big man and a great addition to the Lakers.” 

Andrew Bynum: “Young, big man. Through time, he will mature his game.” 

Coach Phil Jackson: “It takes a great coach to manage great players.” 

Boston Celtics 

Ray Allen: “He committed himself to being a great shooter.” 

Kevin Garnett: “He is the key piece to this Celtics’ team.” 

Kendrick Perkins: “He is the defensive piece on the chess board.” 

Paul Pierce: “He doesn’t always look pretty but he gets the job done.” 

Rajon Rondo: “As a point guard, he’s doing things we haven’t seen in a while.” 

Coach Doc Rivers: “He’s a great coach who knows the game.” 

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Between games one and two of the NBA Finals, Celtics’ forward Glen “Big Baby” Davis found the time to go shopping in LA, accompanied by none other than rap star Diddy.

Davis was asked if Doc Rivers really hid money in the Lakers locker room, to which he responded yes. Then a female companion told Big Baby to say “we’re going to the white house.”

He then proclaimed to the camera “Obama here we come,” aka bye bye Lake Show. Diddy then jumped in front of the camera and proceeded to endorse his Lakers, but at the same time vouch for Big Baby to have a big game the next day.

The comment wasn’t quite Paul Pierce worthy, but the Celtics have cocky written all over them. Keep in mind this was before game two, so at the time the Celtics were in a 1-0 hole in the series.

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