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Despite Tiger Woods finishing a career-worst 18 over par at the Bridgestone Invitational this past weekend, there is a noteworthy highlight.

The winner, Hunter Mahan, recently became engaged to former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader Kandi Harris, who took to twitter for the first time in nearly four months to congratulate her future spouse.

Harris is a former Dallas Mavericks dancer as well. Mahan came away with a $1,400,000 purse as a result of his victory, so that should be a nice amount to start the couple off right.


Golfer Mike Weir held his “Mike Weir Charity Classic” on Monday, and the celebrities and athletes were prevalent.

Samuel L. Jackson was the biggest star present, taking to the course in what looked like an outfit inspired by John Daly. Hockey studs Dion Phaneuf, Martin Brodeur, and Steven Stamkos also participated in the event, as did Entourage actor Kevin Dillon.

The Mike Weir Charity Classic helps raise money to aid children via the Mike Weir Foundation. As to address his flamboyant oufit, Jackson said “One of the best things about golf is you can dress like a pimp.”

That being said, Jackson does not take golf lightly. The actor is known to include clauses in his acting contracts that guarantee him tee times between filming.

No word on how the stars performed, but if the outfit is any indication Jackson was in for a good round. It worked this past weekend for Daly.

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In Michelle Wie’s first commercial as a McDonald’s spokesperson, she shows just how powerful her golf swing is.

Let’s just say John Daly isn’t the most behaved and well-kept golfer on the PGA Tour. He’s had some public image problems, i.e. passing out drunk at a Hooters restaurant, but also has a new show coming out on the golf channel.

There’s also this eye-popping interview.

Daly’s PGA Tour discipline file has been released, and sportswriters around the country have had their chance to take a shot at him.

One writer in particular, Florida-Times-Union golf writer Garry Smits, drove Daly to a tweeting-frenzy that included tweets containing the writer’s phone number. He released three tweets about an article Smits had written criticizing Daly’s behavior as explained in his disciplinary file, all which have since been deleted from his account.

One tweet from Daly read, “here’s the JERK who writes NON-NEWS article on debut of my show — CALL & FLOOD his line & let’s tell him how WE feel”.

Daly has approximately 46,000 followers on Twitter, and while that is a respectable number, how many people actually cared?

The reason you follow John Daly on Twitter is because of his rash personality, as shown last night, not because you’re his “fan”. Had teen pop singer Justin Bieber posted a tweet saying to “Call & Flood” his phone line, you can be sure Smits would have received thousands of phone calls within the next minute.

But we’re talking John Daly, not exactly the most likeable “athlete” in the world. Or physically fit.