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Alex Rodriguez to Make Acting Debut

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Alex Rodriguez has been romantically linked to the likes of Kate Hudson and Cameron Diaz, and now the roidhead Yankees slugger will attempt to move into the movie genre himself.

A-Rod is well-accustomed to the spotlight playing for the world champion Yankees, so it should be an easy transition from Yankee Stadium to the big screen.

Justin Timberlake, Mila Kunis, Woody Harrelson, and Andy Samberg are also set to star in the film, titled “Friends with Benefits,” so it looks like A-Rod will hit the ground running.

It is rumored that he will play himself in the movie, but his actual role has yet to be announced. My guess would be Rodriguez plays the “friend” whose “benefit” is the provision of steroids, for whatever reason. Brilliant plot line, right?


George Steinbrenner on Seinfeld

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Today legendary New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner died, and even though he will be forever missed by the game of baseball, he will not be forgotten.

During his tenure as Yankees owner Steinbrenner made several appearances in pop culture, including Saturday Night Live in 1990, which he hosted.

 He was also portrayed on the TV show Seinfeld, although he never actually made an appearance on air, as Larry David usually did voiceovers while the back of “Steinbrenner’s” head was shown.

He did however shoot some scenes that appeared in the deleted scenes on the Season 7 DVD, and thanks to YouTube they are available for viewing.

Lady Gaga caused quite a stir last Friday when she intruded into the Yankees clubhouse after a Yankees loss to the Mets, just a couple of weeks after she flipped off the crowd at Citi Field during a Mets game.

She showed up to the Yankees game on Friday in Yankees attire, and talked her way past security after the game to get into the Yankees clubhouse. She reportedly met Robinson Cano and a few other Yankees players.

Actor and comedian Jerry Seinfeld went on the radio with WFAN’s Steve Somers to talk about things including the Mets before he joins Gary Cohen and Keith Hernandez in the booth tonight, and of course Lady Gaga came up.

Seinfeld eventually went  on to say, regarding Lady Gaga, that “This woman is a jerk. I hate her. You give people the finger and you get upgraded?” You can listen to the entire 20 minute conversation here.

I’ve yet to hear a response by Lady Gaga, or rather Lady Gaga’s publicist, but with all the hype this story has been getting I’m sure we’ll see one soon.

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Rapper Fabolous is known to be a big Laker’ fan, although you can say that relating to just about any rapper. Oh, and would you look at that. He also appears to be reppin’ the Yankees.

He broke down the main pieces for each team with ESPN’s Page 2, see the transcript below. Go to Page 2 for the full article.

Los Angeles Lakers 

Derek Fisher: “Veteran. Can hit the big shot. Glad they brought him back.” 

Kobe Bryant: “He’s just Kobe. He’s one of the best I’ve seen with my two eyes.” 

Ron Artest: “He’s a specialist and he gets in the minds of people he defends.” 

Pau Gasol: “Great scoring big man and a great addition to the Lakers.” 

Andrew Bynum: “Young, big man. Through time, he will mature his game.” 

Coach Phil Jackson: “It takes a great coach to manage great players.” 

Boston Celtics 

Ray Allen: “He committed himself to being a great shooter.” 

Kevin Garnett: “He is the key piece to this Celtics’ team.” 

Kendrick Perkins: “He is the defensive piece on the chess board.” 

Paul Pierce: “He doesn’t always look pretty but he gets the job done.” 

Rajon Rondo: “As a point guard, he’s doing things we haven’t seen in a while.” 

Coach Doc Rivers: “He’s a great coach who knows the game.” 

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The New York Knicks are on the brink of desperation, if they’re not there already, and now apparently want the most prestigious professional sports franchise in the world to help out New York City.

Knicks president Donnie Walsh wants all New Yorkers to pitch in on the ‘LeBron Project’ , but Derek Jeter has four helpful words of advice: “It wouldn’t make sense.”

There has also been much speculation that Jay-Z, hip-hop star and close friend of James, would try and pressure him into signing with the New Jersey Nets, of which he is part-owner. According to the rap mogul however, “That’s his decision.”

James is known as a Yankees fan and is also friends with pitcher CC Sabathia. He has also been seen sporting Dr. Dre’s new headphones, ironically enough donning a Red Sox logo.

I don’t know exactly when this picture was taken, but I’m liking the Mickael Pietrus fro. Hopefully this becomes a NBA trend.

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Actor and comedian Tracy Morgan, who stars in the new movie “Death at a Funeral,” threw out the first pitch at a recent Orioles-Yankees game, and took some time to stop by the booth with announcers Jim Palmer and Gary Thorne as well.

Morgan also stars in the NBC show “30 Rock,” which is filmed in New York, and makes regular appearances on “Saturday Night Live.”

As you would expect from a top of the line funnyman like Tracy Morgan, he is able to make something out of nothing as far as comedy is concerned.

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Red Sox player David Ortiz has opened a new nightclub in his native Dominican Republic, and a notable figure in the entertainment industry has a problem with it.

Rapper Jay-Z, who is heralded as a big Yankees fan, and his business partner Juan Perez are suing Ortiz over the name of his club, “Forty/Forty.” The name of Jay-Z’s clubs (he has multiple) is “40/40.” I guess Big Papi thought he was being clever when he just spelled out the digits, but apparently not.

The name “40/40” was chosen by the rapper because “the 40/40 club in baseball is as exclusive as it gets.” If we’re going by common logic it would make sense for Ortiz’s club to be called “40/2,” but I guess that’s just not as catchy.