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Eating champion Joey Chestnut ate 54 hot dogs on the fourth of July to clinch yet another mustard belt, having won four contests in a row.

When a boxer is finished with a match, he has to wait a few months before he can compete again to let his body heal. One would think professional eaters such as Chestnut would take the same approach.

Shaq has challenged Chestnut to a hot dog eating contest that will air on his show Shaq Vs., and footage of the match has been leaked.

You’d think the number one eater in the world would take it easy during a friendly competition, but if you put the clips of the one below and the one on July 4 side by side, I don’t think I could tell the difference.



Major League Eating may be the most questionable “sport” out there, but that doesn’t mean its “athletes” don’t get star treatment.

Joey Chestnut, the number one eater in the world, will go on a Pepto-Bismol-sponsored tour this month. He will face five challengers at each venue, who will win $100 and a year’s supply of Pepto-Bismol if they beat the reigning champ.

As stated by Nathan Fox, brand manager of the company, “Americans love to celebrate summer by getting together and enjoying food with friends, but sometimes the enjoyment of summer leads to eating just one too many.”

Fox is convinced that Chestnut can help Pepto-Bismol become the default brand of choice for those unfortunate enough to “eat just one too many.”

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