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Teen pop sensation Justin Bieber dropped by the Today Show to put on a 30 minute concert for his committed fans (it’s difficult for a 12 year-old to get up before 8, you know) after doing an interview with host Matt Lauer.

Also on the scene was former Hartford Whalers star Brendan Shanahan and Mike Bolt, the keeper of the Stanley Cup. Yes, that Stanley Cup, the most beloved trophy in all of sports.

One thing led to another and the native Canadian and self-proclaimed Toronto Maple Leafs fan was able to pose for a few pictures with the Stanley Cup.

WithLeather has an interesting theory relating to the absence of championships won by a Canadian team in any major professional sport since Bieber was born, and that would be the fact that Bieber was born.

Let’s just be thankful that Bieber didn’t let his adoring fans get a hold of the Stanley Cup.


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Actor and comedian Tracy Morgan, who stars in the new movie “Death at a Funeral,” threw out the first pitch at a recent Orioles-Yankees game, and took some time to stop by the booth with announcers Jim Palmer and Gary Thorne as well.

Morgan also stars in the NBC show “30 Rock,” which is filmed in New York, and makes regular appearances on “Saturday Night Live.”

As you would expect from a top of the line funnyman like Tracy Morgan, he is able to make something out of nothing as far as comedy is concerned.