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The best thing to come from the whole LeBron “Decision” saga has been the parodies, coming in different forms from all directions.

NBA free agent Anthony Tolliver had to choose whether or not to stay with his current team, the Golden State Warriors, or take a different path and sign with another team.

In the end Tolliver chose the Minnesota Timberwolves (I’m sure David Kahn couldn’t be happier about adding yet another power forward to the roster), but rather than have his agent break the news he took to a different outlet to announce his decision: YouTube.

“The Decision: Part Deux” as he calls it follows a LeBron-like script, but thankfully Jim Gray was not involved. Watch Tolliver’s announcement below.

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He may not be LeBron James, but the Knicks were able to land a big name free agent in Amar’e Stoudemire, apparently with the help of a celebrity who is surprisingly not named Spike Lee.

Rapper Fat Joe, a self-proclaimed Knicks fan, is not one of the most famous  hip-hop stars in pop culture, but it appears he is just as powerful.

In an interview with MTV he stated that the Knicks organization contacted him, and asked him to get in touch with Stoudemire, who he has known since his rookie season, and help convince him to come to New York.

The Nets and Bulls may have their own superstar rappers supporting their quest for the services of “King” James, Jay-Z and T.I., respectively, but the Knicks were able to manage with just a B-list rapper.

Wouldn’t surprise me if Spike Lee just so happened to call STAT one or two times in the process though, not sure there’s a more obsessed celebrity basketball fan out there.