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Former NBA player and ESPN analyst Jalen Rose paired up with YouTube star KevJumba to help promote his charity, the Jalen Rose Foundation.

KevJumba’s second YouTube channel, JumbaFund, donates all of the  revenue  it earns through the YouTube partner program each month to a different charity. The channel generates revenue for every view it receives on each video.

The well-known YouTuber currently ranks 10th overall on YouTube in subscribers with almost 900,000, and that’s just on his main channel. JumbaFund ranks 38th with 424,000 subscribers.

The video itself is actually pretty funny, from Rose naming the ugliest player in the NBA to the two playing a game of “one versus one.” I think we all know what record he was talking about with Wilt Chamberlain.

KevJumba is Asian, so of course he brings up a certain Asian stereotype killer.