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Spain is one of the most talented teams in the 2010 World Cup, and their fans are no disappointment either. We’ve seen some crazy guarantees throughout the World Cup, but one Spanish fan has taken it to the next level.

Argentina coach Diego Maradona promised to run through the streets naked if his team won the World Cup, as did lingerie model Larissa Riquelme regarding Paraguay’s fate, but both of their teams’ tourney runs have come to an abrupt halt.

Now singer Enrique Iglesias has made a similar wager, albeit one more extreme. The Spaniard has said that if Spain wins the World Cup, he will go water-skiing naked, which could definitely help promote his new album that hits stores Tuesday.

Don’t let this seemingly shallow bet fool you however, as Iglesias is nonetheless a big soccer fan and apparently talented player as well.

He once said that the youth soccer team he played on in the U.S. as a kid was so bad that they made him look like, coincidentally, Diego Maradona, which I assume means he had at least some talent.