Remember those days as a kid when you would wake up every Saturday morning and rush straight to the TV to catch the new episodes of your favorite cartoon shows?

Yeah, I miss those days, but now you have a reason to rekindle your childhood memories without having to make some excuse so your buddies don’t ridicule you.

Could the NFL's new cartoon series bring back Backyard Football?

The NFL and Nickelodeon are teaming up to bring you “Rush Zone: Guardians of the Core”. The series is based on the league’s website for kids, and is about a ten year-old boy with superpowers that include the skills of an NFL player, but for all we know those so-called “superpowers” could very well be steroids. Never know these days.

There is one downside though; each episode will only last around five minutes, although there are 22 of them and a one-hour movie that will air on Super Bowl Eve.

Different NFL players and coaches will lend their voices, including Eli Manning and Sean Payton. The show kicks off in September, around the time the NFL season starts.