Diego Maradona has promised to run through the streets naked if Argentina wins the World Cup, and now star player and arguably the best footballer in the world Lionel Messi has made a vow of his own.

While not as extreme, Messi is determined to somehow find a way to reunite the band Oasis for Argentina’s victory party, should they win the World Cup. The band split up last year after Noel and Liam Gallagher decided to part ways.

Ironically, it was only about two weeks ago when Messi first heard Oasis. Teammate Carlos Tevez shared the band’s first two albums with Messi on the plane ride to the World Cup, and he became infatuated.

He now listens to them before matches and in the locker room, and has said that all Oasis has to do is “name their price.” Just the act of meeting Messi would be price enough for me.

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