Rapper Fabolous is known to be a big Laker’ fan, although you can say that relating to just about any rapper. Oh, and would you look at that. He also appears to be reppin’ the Yankees.

He broke down the main pieces for each team with ESPN’s Page 2, see the transcript below. Go to Page 2 for the full article.

Los Angeles Lakers 

Derek Fisher: “Veteran. Can hit the big shot. Glad they brought him back.” 

Kobe Bryant: “He’s just Kobe. He’s one of the best I’ve seen with my two eyes.” 

Ron Artest: “He’s a specialist and he gets in the minds of people he defends.” 

Pau Gasol: “Great scoring big man and a great addition to the Lakers.” 

Andrew Bynum: “Young, big man. Through time, he will mature his game.” 

Coach Phil Jackson: “It takes a great coach to manage great players.” 

Boston Celtics 

Ray Allen: “He committed himself to being a great shooter.” 

Kevin Garnett: “He is the key piece to this Celtics’ team.” 

Kendrick Perkins: “He is the defensive piece on the chess board.” 

Paul Pierce: “He doesn’t always look pretty but he gets the job done.” 

Rajon Rondo: “As a point guard, he’s doing things we haven’t seen in a while.” 

Coach Doc Rivers: “He’s a great coach who knows the game.” 

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