This summer Carmelo Anthony and MTV deejay Lala Vasquez will be getting married, and if you’re into that kind of stuff, you’re invited.

The couple, who have been engaged since Christmas Day 2004, will be filming a five-part reality show for VH1 that will air in the fall. It will feature four 30-minute episodes of pre-nuptial activities, and a one-hour special of the wedding.

The series will focus on Vasquez as she meets with celeb-favorite wedding planner Mindy Weiss, but I’m sure Melo will be around when they decide the guest list. Vasquez’s BFF Kim Kardashian is sure to make an appearance at some point, and you can bet Reggie Bush will get a good laugh out of it.

The wedding will take place on July 10 in New York City, with the series premiering on September 19.

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