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It’s not often you see professional athletes make the transition from sports to music, and when they do they aren’t always successful (see Manny Pacquiao).

Enter pro basketball journeyman Kareem Rush, who has played for five different teams in the past five years, four of which in the NBA and one in Lithuania.

The older brother of collegiate National Champion and lottery pick Brandon Rush, he has struggled to keep himself relevant in the NBA, playing only 32 games over the past two seasons due to injury.

Waived by the Clippers after tearing his ACL, Rush has begun rehabbing his knee and preparing for a return to the NBA. Physical rehabilitation isn’t the only thing he has been up to however, as the sweet-shooting guard has been getting his feet wet in the music industry.

Rush’s first single “Hold You Down” has found success, as it is being played on radio stations from coast to coast. His album is tentatively titled “Rehabbing R&B”. I’m sure you can make the connection.

Listen to the song via YouTube after the jump. It has been up for one day and has already hit 5,000 views. If you’re interested in a full interview with Rush, check out Page 2 of