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Ever since Lindsay Lohan wanted to sue E*Trade for $100 million after their Super Bowl commercial that featured the “milkaholic” baby Lindsay, one could make a case for her to be considered clinically insane.  

In her latest outburst, Lohan got into a “fight” at a club in New York, with none other than New York Rangers hockey players Sean Avery and Aaron Voros.  

Sean Avery

Aaron Voros

The story goes that the two, along with Voros’ girlfriend, model Jessica Stam, took the table that Lohan wanted by the DJ. Naturally, she decided to take the offensive and throw a drink in Stam’s face, and then followed up by trying to get the threesome kicked out.  

Her endeavor was unsuccessful however, as the club owners refused her request. Since the Rangers had to miss the playoffs, this was no doubt the second best thing.